Complex and specialty properties present unique challenges.  There are many variables to consider that affect industrial valuation.  Protrac, Inc. utilizes its proprietary valuation and reporting software to integrate these factors in the development of a valuation analysis.  This enables our expertise to effectively present all aspects of value to the technical personnel, engineers and accounting professionals serving the governmental entities.

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Critical compliance dates, regulations, requirements and mandates vary from state to state. Protrac Inc. professionally manages these issues to minimize liability and reduce the arduous, time consuming and expensive burden of the property tax process. Our comprehensive and concise reporting provides detailed information to assist in planning and budgeting.

Protrac, Inc. is experienced representing industry in the fields of chemicals, polymers, refining, minerals, energy, textiles, pharmaceuticals, medical, warehousing, terminals, distribution, rail, transport, inventory, mobile equipment and other facets of the industrial sector.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Protrac Inc. uses engineering expertise and advanced methodologies to quantify and document the proper level of liability for taxable assets.

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